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INTERPHEX 2021 | Hettich Booth 3273


April 20, 2021
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Javitz Center, NYC
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to see our industry-leading centrifuges, Memmert constant climate chambers and automation-ready modules at Hettich booth 3273.

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See the innovative Hettich ROTINA 380 R ZentriMix milling centrifuge. In contrast to a conventional centrifuge, the ZentriMix’s rotary disk rotor spins on its axis during centrifugation. This dual-action generates a significant amount of force resulting in the optimum milling, mixing, or homogenization of the materials. Also, learn about the vast range of centrifuges and accessories Hettich has to offer for any general laboratory application.

Are you looking for a stability chamber for environmental simulation, material testing, and stability testing, which is quiet, space-saving, environmentally friendly, and at the same time, extremely economical? Then choose the innovative Peltier technology in the Memmert HPP constant climate chambers for stable and precise long-term tests.

Visit us at the Hettich booth no. 3273 or schedule a time for us to meet you on the show floor to learn more.

INTERPHEX 2021 Annual Meeting
Hettich Booth. No. 3273
April 20-22, 2021, Jarvis Center, New York, NY


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Hetich ROTINA 380 R ZentriMix Milling Centrifuge Chamber Vials

Milling Centrifuge

The dual centrifuge ZentriMix 380 R allows for the rapid mixing of viscous materials, the production of nanoparticles in closed (sterile) vessels or tissue disruption.

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Memmert HPP 110 Constant Climate Chamber

Constant Climate Chambers

Memmert HPP constant climate chambers for stable and precise long-term tests utilizing efficient Peltier technology.

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Hettich ROTINA 380 R Conical Tubes

Complete Range of Centrifuges

Hettich manufactures a complete of centrifuges for for any general laboratory application

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