Hettich ROTANTA 460R Used in Organic Dairy Cow Management Study



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Hettich ROTANTA 460R Used in Organic Dairy Cow Management Study

Hettich ROTANTA 460R Used in Organic Dairy Cow Management Study

A research study entitled “Profiles of energy metabolites and haptoglobin in dairy cows under organic management in Alberta farms,” conducted by John F. Odhiabmo and his team, evaluated the metabolite profiles of dairy cows transitioned from conventional to organic management to determine if the change would affect productivity and the health of the animals. The Hettich ROTANTA 460 R benchtop centrifuge was used to process samples in the study.

Blood samples were collected from at least 7 or more cows per sampling group via tail veinupucture in 10 mL vacutainer tubes without anticoagulant. The samples were then allowed to coagulate at room temperature before serum was extracted via centrifugation. The ROTANTA 460R was used to centrifuge the samples at 3000 x g at 4˚C for 20 min. The samples were then stored at -20˚C until analysis.

The blood metabolites analyzed during the study included circulating glucose, non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA), β-hydroxy-butyrate (BHBA) cholesterol, and lactate. Changes in the metabolite profiles found in the blood of the transited dairy cows were then compared with those managed conventionally at the University of Alberta dairy farm.

Results from the study showed that the cows in organic systems were found to be healthier than their conventionally managed counterparts. Odhiabmo and his team attributed the changes to the difference in nutritional management within the two systems but also suggested that further studies were required to fully understand the phenomenon.

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