Sodium Alginate Effects On Fish Feed Study Uses Hettich EBA 12



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Sodium Alginate Effects On Fish Feed Study Uses Hettich EBA 12

Sodium Alginate Effects On Fish Feed Study Uses Hettich EBA 12

A study entitled “Effect of Sodium Alginate on Functional Properties of Extruded Feed for Fish for Human Consumption” was published in the Journal of Animal Science Advances for its findings on the use of sodium alginate in the improvement of aquafeed quality. For their research, the scientists employed the Hettich EBA 12 tabletop centrifuge.

According to the paper, agglutinates, like sodium alginate, improve the physical quality of extrudate and reduce lixiviation of hydrosoluble nutrients. Sodium alginate is also known to improve immunological capacity and respiratory activity in shrimp.

However, the effect of agglutinating compounds on characteristics like stability and hardness of aquafeed is often overlooked. As mentioned in the study, pellets that disintegrate and quickly lixiviate nutrients can cause problems such as culture environment eutrophication, poor animal growth, and inefficient feed conversion and low survival.

By identifying the correct agglutinate concentration for achieving good feed quality, manufacturers can reduce hydrosoluble nutrient loss through lixiviation, improve feed texture and acceptance, thus improving intake rates.

To determine the correct concentration of agglutinate, the scientists prepared meals containing one of four sodium alginate concentrations through extrusion. The Hettich EBA 12 was used to centrifuge the suspension made from the feed at 3000 x g for 15 minutes. Results of the experiment showed that the highest tested sodium alginate level (2%) had the most appropriate physical and functional properties for an extruded fish meal-based feed.

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