Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Category: Care & Maintenance
Topic: Preventative Maintenance

Most facilities have a pre-determined schedule of maintenance for the different categories of equipment. Hettich recommends cleanings and inspections of all Hettich equipment be conducted at regular intervals. For optimal results, Hettich suggest following the attached Preventative Maintenance Schedule.

During a normal weekly inspection, the following parts are cleaned and inspected: centrifuge bowl and seal, the rotor, buckets, motor shaft and inside/outside surface of the centrifuge. The rubber seal, rotor, buckets and motor shaft are lubricated monthly and the rotor is secured on a weekly basis. For more information on how to Clean, Inspect and Lubricate your Hettich Centrifuge, please click here.

Frequent cleaning and inspections should be part of good laboratory practices. Proper cleaning will allow for clear viewing during an inspection of wear and tear on critical points on the rotor and buckets. For specific Operational Qualifications, or O.Q.'s, please contact us or click here.

For additional questions or more information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , 1.866.370.4388.

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