Surface Cleaning and Care

Surface Cleaning and Care

Category: Care & Maintenance
Topic: Preventative Maintenance

The outer surfaces of Hettich centrifuges are constructed of various painted metal surfaces and molded plastics. These surfaces stand up to most regular cleaning products such as "409", "Fantastic", "Simple Green", "Windex", etc.

Hettich suggests to avoid cleaners with ammonia as they may interact with LCD screens.

For general cleaning of surfaces, any of the products listed above or similar products will not harm the centrifuge. If surfaces are contaminated with pathogenic or radioactive material, please refer to the appropriate article in the Hettich knowledge base for the specifically recommended products, or follow the links below.

To clean a Hettich centrifuge:

  1. Remove rotor and all accessories prior to cleaning.
  2. Lightly spray an approved cleaning product on a soft cloth or disposable towel. Gently clean all inside and outside surfaces of the centrifuge and all accessories.
  3. Allow the centrifuge and accessories to air dry prior to use.
  4. Properly lubricate the rotor before installing in centrifuge.

To install or remove the rotor from a Hettich centrifuge, please click here.

To properly lubricate a Hettich centrifuge rotor, please click here.

To clean Radioactive Material, please click here.

To clean Pathogenic Material, please click here.

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