Loading the Rotor

Loading the Rotor

Category: Operation & Use
Topic: Centrifuge Installation & Set-up

For centrifugation safety and maximum results, the rotors and buckets may only be loaded symmetrically with all containers distributed evenly on all rotor positions. For authorized combinations, see the section "Rotors and Accessories" and "Loading the Rotor" in the Product Manual supplied with the centrifuge. Or, click here to download the Product Manual for your centrifuge.

For angle rotors, all possible rotor positions must be loaded identically to ensure best results.

For swing out rotors, all positions must have identical buckets. Certain buckets are marked with the number of the rotor position. These buckets may only be used in the respective position. For buckets marked with a set number (ie: S001/4) the bucket may only be used in the set.

On certain buckets, the weight of the maximum load or the weight of the maximum load and the maximum weight of the completely loaded bucket are specified. This weight must NOT be exceeded. In case of exception, see "Centrifugation of materials or mixtures of materials with a density higher than 1.2 kg/dm3" in the centrifuge's Product Manual. (Click here to download the Product Manual). The weight specified for the maximum load includes the total weight of adapter, frame, centrifuging container and content.

In containers that also use rubber pads or cushions, the same number of rubber pads must always be used in the centrifuge containers.

To load the rotor:

  1. Confirm the rotor is securely installed into the centrifuge by gently pulling up on one side of the rotor.
  2. Fill the centrifuge containers outside the centrifuge. No liquid should be allowed to enter the centrifuging chamber during filling.
  3. Ensure the maximum filling quantity for the centrifuge containers specified by the manufacturer is not exceeded. In order to maintain the weight differences within the centrifuge container as marginal as possible, particular attention should be paid to the fill level in all of the containers. This will reduce the possibility of imbalance errors occurring, as well as allow a smoother operation of the centrifuge with consistently high-quality results.
  4. Load each container in the centrifuge evenly around the rotor. For swing out rotors, all buckets should be of equal weight when loaded. For fixed angle rotors, each location in the rotor should be loaded with a container.

For additional questions on loading the rotor, please contact us at anytime: 1.866.370.4388, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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