Entering or Changing Programs

Entering or Changing Programs

Category: Operation & Use
Topic: Centrifuge Operation

User created programs can be stored for use in most centrifuges. The programs are stored values of each of the centrifuge parameters that can be recalled quickly without having to reprogram each individual parameter.

Rotina 380, Rotina 420, Rotanta 460, Rotanta 460 robotic

Select the desired values for each parameter.(see "Enter centrifugation parameters"). Press the PROG key as often as necessary until the STO parameter is shown. Use the adjusting knob to set the program place you want. If a "+" is shown after the program location, then this data is write-protected. In this case, the write protection has to be removed first before saving (see "Write protection for programs"). Press the START key to have the settings saved to the program place you want. Briefly, Program store ... is displayed as confirmation.

The previous program location data will be overwritten when the new data is saved. If "Protected !!" is displayed, then the data at the program location is write-protected and it will not be saved.

Rotixa 50, Roto Silenta 630RS, Rotanta 46 RSC

For each parameter, select and change the value. When finished, press the STO button, use the selector knob to choose locations 1-89, then

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