Imbalance errors

Imbalance errors

Category: Operation & Use
Topic: Centrifuge Operation

Imbalance errors are caused by unbalanced loads or imbalance switch signals triggering the error.

Imbalance sensors are either mechanical switches or electronic vibration sensors. The mechanical switches are NORMALLY CLOSED (NC) switches and trigger an imbalance error when they open. Mechanical switches may trigger an imbalance if they have an ohm value greater than .7 ohms.

Electronic sensors are mounted to the bottoms of the motors and are subject to heat. The imbalance sensors have built in overheat protection.

Unbalanced loads could be caused by as little weight as a label that has lodged itself into the bottom of a tube holder. Always make sure that tube holders are clean and that the weight difference of spinning tubes is as little as possible.

To clear an imbalance error:

Open the lid of the centrifuge after it has come to a complete stop. You can turn off the imbalance error audible signal by pressing the STOP button.

  1. Once the centrifuge has come to a complete stop, open the lid of the centrifuge.
  2. The imbalance error audible signal can be turned off by pressing the STOP button.
  3. Identify the cause for imbalance (ie: a misplaced label, unbalanced load, etc…) and adjust the centrifuge's contents.
  4. Close the lid of the centrifuge and resume operation.

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