Recalling a Program

Recalling a Program

Category: Operation & Use
Topic: Centrifuge Operation

Rotina 380, Rotina 420, Rotanta 460 & Rotanta 460 Robotic:

Press the PROG key. The parameter RCL is displayed.

Use the control knob to set the program you want to recall. If a "+" is shown after the program location, then this data is write-protected. Press the START key. Briefly, “Program recall ...” is displayed as confirmation. The centrifugation data of the selected program place is shown.

Mikro 200, Mikro 220, Universal 320, Rotofix 46:

Press the SELECT key repeatedly until you see PROG RCL, which brings up the programs you can cycle through and select by using the selector knob and then the START key.

Rotixa 50, Roto Silenta 630RS, Rotanta 46 RSC

Press the RCL key. Use the selection knob to select the program you want to recall and use. Pressing the START key sets the parameters from the program.

EBA 21, Mikro 22, Universal 32, Rotina 35, Rotina 38

Centrifuges with the N-panel use the PROG key and then the UP/DOWN arrows to select the desired recalled program. START installs the parameters of the chosen program.

EBA 20, EBA 20S, Mikro 120, Rotofix 32(A), EBA 270 are non-programmable.

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