Bio Safety Lids

Bio Safety Lids

Category: Quality & Safety
Topic: Centrifugation Safety

Hettich manufactures a variety of buckets and lids designed for bio-containment. These lids and buckets have a special screw cap and bio-safety seal designed to contain any accidental tube breakage during centrifugation. When used properly, all liquids will be contained within the bucket/ lid set. In a bio-safety system, droplets and aerosols are prevented from escaping by a rubber bio-seal, or a ring.If the bucket of a bio-safety system is used without the lid, the ring must be removed from the bucket in order to prevent the ring from being damaged during the centrifugation spin. Damaged rings must not be used to seal the bio-safety system. Without the use of a bio-safety system, the centrifuge is not microbiologically sealed in accordance with the EN/ IEC 610101-2-020 standard.

For hazardous materials or compounds contaminated with toxic, radioactive or pathogenic micro-organisms, please take extra appropriate measures to properly load and seal the bucket. Special screw caps are available for hazardous substances - contact Hettich for more information. (1.866.370.4388,

For hazardous materials in category 3 or 4, a bio-safety system must be used. (See the World Health Organization's "Laboratory Bio-Safety Manual").

For more information and details of available bio-safety systems, contact us at 1.866.370.4388,

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