Corrosive Agents

Corrosive Agents

Category: Quality & Safety
Topic: Centrifugation Safety

All Hettich products are manufactured using high quality materials that are engineered to last for many years.

Highly corrosive substances could impair the mechanical integrity of the rotors, buckets and accessories. Some chemicals, cleaning agents and the autoclaving process can also have a long term effect on the integrity and strength of some material.

On a regular basis, visually inspect your centrifuge, rotor and accessories for signs of wear and corrosion. If traces of corrosion or mechanical damage is noticeable, or if the useful life cycle or dates are exceeded, these parts should no longer be used.

The following ingredients are suitable agents for the removal of radioactive materials from all Hettich centrifuges and accessories: Anionic Tensides, Non-ionic Tensides, Polyhyradted Ethanol. The following products are recommended by Hettich to remove radioactive materials from Hettich centrifuges and accessories. "No Count" or "Contrad 70". For proper use, follow instructions listed on the cleaning agent.

To remove Pathogenic material from Hettich centrifuges and accessories, Hettich suggests the following products: "BDD" or "Bacdown". For proper use, follow instructions listed on the cleaning agent.

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