Rotor Recognition

Rotor Recognition

Category: Quality & Safety
Topic: Centrifugation Safety

All Hettich centrifuges are designed to properly identify the rotor upon installation via a series of magnets in the bottom of the rotor. These magnets are set in a special pattern to send specific information to the centrifuge. Information such as the rotor part number (rotor code), maximum rotor speed (Nmax) and present centrifuging radius (R) (on C panels only) will be displayed on the centrifuge screen.

Example of the display: rotor 4 Nmax= 4500 R=184mm

For Rotor Recognition:

  1. Properly install the rotor in the centrifuge. (See Installing and Removing a Rotor)
  2. Close and lock (on smaller models) the lid of the centrifuge. Turn the power on and press the start button on the centrifuge.
  3. The centrifuge will begin spinning for a short time, then it will stop. This is necessary for the rotor to send specific information such as rotor part number, maximum speed (Nmax) and present centrifuging radius (R) to the centrifuge. This information will be displayed on the centrifuge screen.
  4. Once the rotor has stopped, press the "OPEN" button on the panel or manually turn the open knob to open the centrifuge.
  5. Proceed with your normal application.

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