MIKRO 185 Product Launch
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MIKRO 185 Product Launch


Hettich Lab Technology, a world-­‐leading laboratory equipment manufacturer, announces its latest improvement to tabletop microliter centrifugation, the Hettich MIKRO 185. Within a compact footprint, the MIKRO 185 offers advanced safety, comfortable ergonomics, and convenient new features. Your choice of 4 rotors for microbiology applications including pediatric tubes and a custom designed 18-­‐place rotor for spin column kits. The MIKRO 185 features an ergonomic front-­‐facing control panel and pulse key with a bright LCD for easy program entry. With Run‐Silent™ operation, the MIKRO 185 will not increase distracting and anxiety-­‐causing noise levels within your lab enabling a stress free work environment. Advanced new safety features include all-­‐metal containment and the Hettich Easy-­ Lift™ lid, which is ergonomically designed to limit repetitive stress injuries, spillage and accidental sample disruption when loading and unloading your centrifuge. In addition, the Hettich Safety-­‐Lock™system ensures a safe, tight closure of the centrifuge chamber during operation. Hettich centrifuges adhere to all national and international safety standards and certifications and as always, the MIKRO 185 is supported by Hettich’s five-­year warranty and our 24/7 direct support system.

Find out more about the MIKRO 185 here: http://www.hettweb.com/mikro185

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Hettich Lab Technology is an industry-­‐leading laboratory equipment manufacturer. We design, engineer and manufacture precision equipment for the modern day laboratory. Known for our vast array of centrifugation products, Hettich delivers on quality, safety and reliability. Our engineering and manufacturing capability is showcased in both our standard and customized product solutions. We focus on our customers, their requirements and environmental responsibility. Hettich Lab Technology, proven for more than 100 years.


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