Explore Surface Interactions in a New Way with Operational Ease and Versatility

The qCell T series are highly advanced quartz crystal microbalances with damping/dissipation (QCM-D) monitoring. With unmatched signal stability, the devices are optimally suited for real time investigation of biofilm formation, cell cultures, assessment of viscosity, or development of immunological, hematological, biological and electrochemical assays.

qCell T Series QCM-D Instruments

3T Analytik Products

qCell T auto series

The auto series is the latest upgrade of our QCM-D instruments allowing fully automated liquid handling with or without incubation feature. The automatization enables excellent stability and reproducibility for long term unattended measurements and makes it easy to design your experiments. Perform and supervise your experiments even from distance by using the simple scripting and remote control function available in qGraph software.

qCell T Q2

The new qCell T Q2 is a dual channel quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation/damping monitoring. Outperforming its predecessor, the QCM-D device qCell T, the second channel permits simultaneous measurement and control. The flow cells enables parallel synchronized flow operations and profiles. The software qGraph qCell T Q2 manages  thermo and automatic fluidic control, sensor data collecting and processing. Alterations in mass adsorptions, layer thickness and sample viscosity are obtained with high accuracy, controlled against blank, in a time resolved manner.

Automated Fluid Control

qCell T series offers fully automated fluid control with high accuracy and repeatability. Flow rate can be precisely adjusted from 9 µl/min to 5600 µl/min.

qCell T eChem

qCell T eChem is the electrochemical version of the QCM-D instrument qCell T. The sensor platform is specifically adapted to combine the full range of electrochemical experiments with the specific insight of quartz crystal microbalance sensors. A potentiostat or galvanostat from Metrohm can be operated independently through its Nova™ control software, while qGraph qCell T software acquires sensor data, thermo control and fluidic data.

Temperature Control

Fully automated temperature control ranging from +4 °C to +80 °C powered by self-developped Peltier system of closed water loop.

qCell T

The qCell T is a highly advanced quartz crystal microbalance with damping/dissipation monitoring for gaining real time insights into molecular interactions, biofilms, liquid properties and even the analysis of blood.The QCM-D device qCell T offers unmatched stability, unique operational ease and accuracy in real-time measurements.

Flow Cell

With only 30 µl internal volume, the flow cell is designed for easy access, fast sensor replacement and to maintain a good seal in its closed working condition. All surfaces in contact with liquid samples are made of high chemical resistant materials, e.g. Teflon.

Easy Control Button

The easy control button (ECB) is the one button solution for qCell T series. It combines simplicity and ease-of-use.

Software qGraph

The qCell series comes with a complete software suite for instrument control, signal acquisition, real time display, processing and data storage. The software is preinstalled and delivered with an All-in-one PC.


Toxicology and Diagnostics

“We use qCell T to measure cellular response in toxicology and diagnostics applications. The instrument is easy to use and has a good and user friendly software. We like it.” – Hubertus Becker, Head of Technological and Development at CETICS Healthcare Technologies GmbH Stuttgart Area, Germany

Solution-phase QCM measurements

“qCell T is a breakthrough product of modern QCM instrumentation, which can be applied in broad variety of solution-phase QCM measurements. The instrument and the software is very user-friendly and reliable.” – Dhanuka Wasalathanthri, Research Assistant at University of Connecticut Hartford, Connecticut Area

About 3T analytik

3T Analytik located in Tuttlingen, Germany, develops and produces best technological solutions for monitoring of molecular binding & interactions, surface associated phenomena, microfabrication and lab automation. The instruments from 3T ensure an innovative and easy surface analysis for established and emerging industrial and academic applications.

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