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The Hettich SBS 300 Robotic Centrifuge

The SBS 300 ROBOTIC Centrifuge

The SBS 300 ROBOTIC is a front-loading centrifuge developed and optimized for microplates in high-throughput screening. The compact and modular design opens up a wide range of applications in automation and can be cooled by an external cooling unit. The robust construction ensures increased safety and durability – especially in high throughput and continual-use environments.

Key Features

High Speed w/max RPM of 6,300 min-1 (4,593 RCF)

High imbalance tolerance of 50 g

2 microtiter plates

Hatch for front or top loading

External active cooling is available

Fast + Slow positioning mode

Hatch opening time < 6 seconds

Max. noise level 65 dB(A)

Positioning accuracy 3 encoder steps (out of a total of 4096)

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