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Hettich offers market-leading whole blood processing adapters with stabilizing bag hooks and convenient carrying handles. Buckets are built durable to withstand accidental drops and guarantee significantly longer life cycles than competitive products.


The HettLiner is a smart, simple, and hygienic accessory that is used to stabilize blood bags during centrifugation. HettLiners reduce the risk of folds and optimize reproducible product quality.


Secure your samples and avoid accidental spillage with the convenient Loading Station for centrifuge inserts. The Hettich Loading Station allows users to confidently hold and manage their samples without the risk of the inserts toppling over.


Hettich Balancing Inserts make it quick and easy to counterbalance weight if you are spinning an uneven amount of bags. The freedom to adapt the weight of these inserts will speed up your routine and optimize your results.


Hettich Balancing Weights allow users to finely tune rotor weight distribution effortlessly. Weights are easy to clean and easy to differentiate because of their varying shapes, sizes, and colors.

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