Stability/Constant Climate

Tailer-made for stability testing

Humidity Chambers

Active humidity control creates a controlled environment for accelerated life tests and 85/85 tests.

Environmental Test Chambers

Rapid, precise and energy-saving with fast humidity recovery.

Constant Quality

Hettich offers various stability/constant climate chambers, humidity chambers, environmental test chambers, or controlled environment chambers that are highly efficient and provide accurate controls for a homogeneous and stable atmosphere.

A Match Made in Germany

We have partnered with Memmert to deliver a complete range of equipment for the controlled environment. Both Hettich and Memmert are committed to providing quality equipment and industry-leading support that laboratories can depend on for worry-free operation. Read more about the Hettich and Memmert partnership.

Stability/Constant Climate Chambers

Gain maximum energy efficiency for stability studies within cosmetics, food, environmental and material testing according to ICH guidelines.

Stability Chambers

Humidity Chambers

Hettich offers humidity chambers that provide a safe, reliable, and homogeneous environment across the entire chamber and are nearly condensation-free.

Humidity Chambers

Environmental Test Chambers

Hettich offers environmental test chambers that provide rapid and energy-saving temperature changes with precise environmental controls.

Environmental Chambers

Regulatory Compliance

Units adhere to stability test guidelines per ICH Q1A, GMP, and GLP. Both Peltier and compressor-controlled units are available. Let us help you choose the best model for your application.

Touch, Turn, & Go!

Intuitive and easy-to-use control panel for simple programming of temperature, humidity, CO2, O2, or light intensity.

Climate Chamber Models

Please contact your local Hettich representative for more information and a complete list of models. Be sure to check back regularly for product updates and additions.


Below are resources to help you get familiar with our stability/ constant climate, humidity, and environmental test chambers.

Memmert Climate Chambers Product Sheet

This product sheet provides a detailed overview of the product features, benefits, and models. (more…) read more...

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Need Help Choosing a Climate Chamber?

View our climate chamber product guide to choose the best stability/constant climate, humidity, or environmental test chamber for your lab.

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