CO2 Incubators

Memmert | High-end functions for the protection of cell cultures, bacteria cultures or tissue cultures.

CO2 Incubators

Hettich’s offering of Memmert CO2 Incubators provides highly accurate environmental controls, stainless steel construction inside and out, quick and easy decontamination cycles, and heating on six sides of the chamber to prevent condensation and protect your samples.

A Match Made in Germany

We have partnered with Memmert to deliver a complete range of equipment for the controlled environment. Both Hettich and Memmert are committed to providing quality equipment and industry-leading support that laboratories can depend on for worry-free operation. Read more about the Hettich and Memmert partnership.

Memmert stainless steel interior

Stainless Steel Construction

Memmert appliances utilize high-quality stainless steel construction for a corrosion-resistant, hygienic, and easy-to-clean chamber and housing.


The entire interior chamber of Memmert CO2 incubators, including all installations and sensors, can be sterilized at +180 °C in a 60-minutes.

Stay in Control

The operating display, logging, and CO2 control are fully functional in the event of a power failure due to Memmert’s battery buffered ControlCOCKPIT.

Data Logging

Memmert CO2 incubators fail-safe, FDA-compliant data logging of temperature, CO2, O2 humidity, and door opening.

Made In Germany

Manufactured in Germany for quality assurance, long-term dependability, and user safety.

Three Year Warranty

All Memmert appliances offered by Hettich are protected by a full Three (3) Year Warranty.

Fully Certified

Engineered and manufactured in accordance with all relevant safety and production standards.

CO2 Incubator Models

Memmert ICO50 CO2 Incubator

Memmert ICO50

Internal volume (L) : 56
Internal volume (cuft): 2
Temp. fluctuation at +37 °C : ± 0.1 °C
Temp. uniformity at +37 °C : ± 0.3 °C

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Memmert ICO105 CO2 Incubator

Memmert ICO105

Internal volume (L) : 107
Internal volume (cuft): 4
Temp. fluctuation at +37 °C : ± 0.1 °C
Temp. uniformity at +37 °C : ± 0.5 °C

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Memmert ICO150 CO2 Incubator

Memmert ICO150

Internal volume (L) : 156
Internal volume (cuft): 5.5
Temp. fluctuation at +37 °C : ± 0.1 °C
Temp. uniformity at +37 °C : ± 0.5 °C

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Memmert ICO240 CO2 Incubator

Memmert ICO240

Internal volume (L) : 241
Internal volume (cuft): 8.5
Temp. fluctuation at +37 °C : ± 0.1 °C
Temp. uniformity at +37 °C : ± 0.5 °C

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Below are resources to help you get familiar with our CO2 incubators.

Hettich Memmert CO2 incubators sell sheet

Memmert CO2 Incubators Product Sheet

This product sheet provides a detailed overview of the product features, benefits and models. (more…) read more...

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Memmert ControlCOCKPIT Video

Video demonstration of Memmert's ControlCOCKPIT control panel.

Memmert AtmoCONTROL Video

Video demonstration of Memmert's AtmoControl software.

Memmert Door Opening Video

Video demo of Memmert hands-free door opening and closing. read more...

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Need Help Choosing an Incubator?

Hettich offers a variety of standard/heated, refrigerated/cooled, or CO2 incubators. To help you choose the suitable incubator for your lab, we created a quick centrifuge guide to help narrow your choice.

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