ZentriMix 380 R


Max. Capacity
6 x 50 ml | 40 x 2.0 ml
1,500/2,500 | 377/1,048
Temperature Control
-20 °C to +40 °C


Dual Centrifuge

The ZentriMix 380 R is a dual centrifuge that efficiently performs challenging laboratory research, development, and analytics tasks. It can rapidly mix viscous materials, produce nanoparticles in sterile vessels, and disrupt tissues. Its powerful cooling system is particularly advantageous for temperature-sensitive samples.

Moreover, the ZentriMix 380 R is safe, reliable, and durable. Its compact design and low noise level ensure a comfortable working environment in the laboratory.


The Rotor

In contrast to a conventional centrifuge, the ZentriMix’s rotor is equipped with two rotary disks. These disks accommodate sample vessels and rotate them around their own axis. This additional rotation during centrifugation causes the samples to move very quickly in their containers, resulting in optimum milling, mixing, or homogenization of the materials.

Use with Standard Disposable Vessels

Adapters available for 2, 10, 15, and 50 ml vessels as well as for 150 and 200 ml jars with screw cap


ZentriMix 380 R
Cat. No.
Max. Capacity
6 x 50 ml | 40 x 2.0 ml
1,500/2,500 | 377/1,048
Temp. Control
-20 °C to +40 °C
Dims. (HxWxD) in
18.5 x 30.25 x 16.5
Weight (lbs.)
Power supply
110 - 127 V 60 Hz


ZentriMix 380 R Brochure

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ZentriMix 380 R | 360° AR Video

Hettich has developed the first dual-axis centrifuge to address key challenges in pharmaceutical formulation, drug delivery, and pre-analytical sample preparation. Because of its design, the Hettich ZentriMix 380 R is able to homogenize difficult to mix components, eliminating manual wash steps in otherwise heterogeneous assays such as the QuEChERS. The read more...

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