HettCube Accessories

We offer an extensive list of useful accessories that make for an efficient workflow.

Get more out of your incubator

Make efficient use of valuable space with HettCube incubators an extensive list of both standard and optional accessories for an efficient workflow.

Hettich HettCube Accessories

Hettich HettCube 600 R incubator

Glass Door Your chamber at a glance

The optional glass door enables users to check on their cultures without opening the door.

Hettich HettCube Incubator Rolling Cabinet Accessory

Rolling Cabinet

Cabinet is available for HettCube 200 and HettCube 200 R models. Lockable drawer and castors (Dims. 770 x 500 x 550).

Hettich HettCube Incubator switchboard accessory

Switchboard Controllable, 4-way external socket.

The exterior multi-socket switch is controllable via the HettCube touchscreen control panel. The switch is accessible via the foam sealed access port.

HettCube Incubator Telescopic Drawer Accessory

Telescopic Drawer Stainless steel

Our HTS drawer of stainless steel extends out up to 70% of its depth with max. load of 40 kg. The drawer is available in 3 sizes: 30 mm, 65 mm or 105 mm height,

Hettich HettCube HTS shelf accessory

Hettich Tray System Unimpeded access to your samples

The stable telescopic rails of the Hettich Tray System (HTS) can be extended up to 70% horizontally. This allows you to reach easily the samples in every corner. Each unit ships with 1 HTS shelf as standard, max load 40 kg.

Hettich HettCube Incubator Petri Dish Rack Accessory

Petri Dish Rack up to 180 dishes per shelf

Our Petri dish rack allows large numbers of cultures to be processed quickly and economically. Stack up to 90 Petri dishes per rack (Ø 90 mm) with 2 racks per pair of rails for 180 dishes per shelf. Available with standard or telescopic rails.

Hettich HettCube Incubator access port with foam stopper accessory

Access Port

Convenient access port with foam stopper for connected devices inside the incubator chamber. One Ø 42 mm rear access port (bushing) comes standard with each HettCube model. Other diameters are available in Ø 22 mm and Ø 67 mm.

Stacking Kit Accessory for Hettich HettCube 200 Incubator

Stacking Kit

Stacking kit for the safe stacking of 2 HettCube 200 or HettCube 200 R units on top one another.

Hettich tubes in incubator

Loewenstein shelf

Stainless steel shelf with capacity for 81 tubes (Ø 15-20). The rack has a 5-degree inclination angle.

HettCube Incubator XL Rack

Large and XL Rack

Convenient racks with 5 or 20-degree angle adjustment. Holds up to 16 tubes (L rack: Ø 15-20, length 100-125 mm, XL rack: Ø 15-20, length 125-170 mm)

HettCube Incubator Stainless Steel Shelf Accessory

Standard Shelf Stainless steel

Stainless steel shelf with guide rails of stainless steel max. load 50 kg,

Sensors Independent PT 100

Choice of 2 independent PT100 sensors is available for independent measurement, four-wire system, temperature valves output. Available with a 4 pole connection or analog output 4-20 mA on back of the device.

Standard Equipment

HettCube incubators come equipped with an extensive list of equipment.

4.3 in. touchscreen


Control panel lock

Locks control panel and door

USB service interface

Access Port

Bushing on rear panel Ø 42mm. Other diameters available.

Potential-free alarm output

Stainless steel interior

W-St 1.4301 (ASTM 304)

Up to 3 Shelves

Number of standard shelves dependent on model.

HTS shelf

HTS shelf with telescopic rails

Factory certificate

9-point factory certificate in accordance with DIN 12880: 2007-05

Shelf credit

Credit for unneeded std. shelves. Choose other shelves/ drawers as standard and we will credit you the price difference.

HettCube Series Incubators

Make efficient use of valuable space and get a touch more control.


Hettich HettCube incubator

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