Standard/Heated Incubators

Accurate, Efficient, and Safe

Standard/Heated Incubators

Hettich offers accurate and stable microbiological, cell, and tissue culture incubators that provide homogeneous temperature distribution across the entire hygienic chamber. A variety of capacities are available with multiple features and accessories, including stacking.

A Match Made in Germany

We have partnered with Memmert to deliver a complete range of equipment for the controlled environment. Both Hettich and Memmert are committed to providing quality equipment and industry-leading support that laboratories can depend on for worry-free operation. Read more about the Hettich and Memmert partnership.

HettCube Incubators

HettCube incubators efficiently maximize their interior space for greater capacity in a compact footprint. In addition, HettCube’s standard/heated incubators are accurate to just 1° above ambient temperature, whereas competitive models require cooling.

More Useable Space

Gain up to 30% more validated useable space within the chamber while occupying up to 50% less floor space with HettCube incubators.

HettCube Incubators

Natural and Forced Convection

The proven combination of natural and forced convection ensures stable and homogeneous temperatures in a much larger part of the HettCube’s interior than conventional incubators.

HettCube Incubators

Memmert Incubators

Memmert’s unique all-round surface heating provides precise and homogenous temperature control, and pre-heated fresh air prevents temperature fluctuations. Available in 8 model sizes with a temperature range up to +80 °C.


Memmert stainless steel interior

Stainless Steel Construction

Memmert appliances utilize high-quality stainless steel construction for a corrosion-resistant, hygienic, and easily clean chamber and housing.

Pre-Heated Fresh Air

Memmert incubators pre-heat the fresh air before it enters the working chamber to prevent temperature fluctuations.

Standard/Heated Incubator Models

Please contact your local Hettich representative for more information and a complete list of models. Be sure to check back regularly for product updates and additions.



HettCube Accessories

See our complete list of HettCube incubator accessories and optional equipment.

HettCube Accessories

Memmert Accessories

Request more information on Memmert incubator accessories and optional equipment.

Memmert Accessories


Below are resources to help you get familiar with our standard/ heated incubators.

Hettich HettCube incubators product sheet

HettCube Product Sheet

This product sheets provides a comprehensive overview of the unique product features specific to the model. (more…) read more...

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Memmert Benchtop Incubators Product Sheet

This product sheet provides a detailed overview of the product features, benefits, and models. (more…) read more...

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