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Meet the Hettich Robotic Centrifuge Family

See why the most trusted partners in healthcare and research choose Hettich as their integration partner for centrifugation.

The First Integratable Centrifuge

The Hettich ROTANTA 460 Robotic, the first integratable centrifuge, remains the centrifuge of choice in today’s automated laboratory. It is a high-capacity, high G, high-throughput centrifuge used in the pre-analytical, sample preparation modules of the industry’s most trusted partners in healthcare and research. In addition to our high capacity ROTANTA 460, we offer automation ready micro and benchtop models for small to mid-range throughput.

Hettich Automation Ready Centrifuges

Hettich MIKRO 220 ROBOTIC automation centrifuge

MIKRO 220 Robotic

Air-cooled, externally controlled microliter centrifuge with PC activation.

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Hettich ROTINA 380 Robotic automation centrifuge

ROTINA 380 Robotic

The ROTINA 380 RC is ideal for an automated workstation in routine clinical diagnostics.

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Hettich ROTANTA 460 Robotic automation centrifuge

ROTANTA 460 Robotic

The ROTANTA 460 RC is the leading high g-force, high capacity model in the market today.

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3T Peltherm

Temperature control

The PelTherm system is a set of embeddable all-in one heating and cooling surfaces for microtiter plates, tubes and reservoirs in SBS format and can be seamlessly integrated into any robotic liquid handler.

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