Centrifuge Accessories

Our centrifuge accessories enhance your process for a better user experience and sample outcome.

Rotors, Buckets and Adapters

We offer an extensive list of centrifuge accessories (rotors, buckets and adapters) for nearly all standard laboratory applications. In addition to our standard product line, we have many custom and specialty application solutions available. If you have a unique application, and need a centrifugation solution, please let us know.


Rolling Cabinets Extend your bench

Rolling Cabinets for Hettich centrifuges saves valuable space on the laboratory bench by providing enhanced flexibility.

Save space

Cytology System Familiar and flexible

The Hettich Cyto-System provides greater flexibility by allowing our cytology Clip Rotor to be used in two of our most popular general-purpose benchtop centrifuges.

Be flexible

Whole Blood Processing

Our thoughtful line of whole blood processing accessories enhance your workflow.

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