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Hettich Mid-sized Benchtop Centrifuges | Product Video

Hettich mid-sized benchtop centrifuges offer performance, capacity, and versatility in a compact all-steel housing. Spin blood, cell and tissue cultures, urine, plates, and more in the same unit, right on the benchtop. With convenient ergonomic features and enhanced safety, Hettich benchtop centrifuges service labs in Clinical, Research, Agriculture, Food and read more...

Hettich EBA Series Small Centrifuges | Product Video

See why the Hettich EBA Series small benchtop centrifuges, the EBA 200, EBA 270, and EBA 280, are ideal for low-volume clinical applications in the blood bank, hematology, STAT, core lab, and physician's office laboratory. Their size, versatility, and build quality outperform low-cost alternatives for years of worry-free operation. Learn read more...

Serology centrifuge article

Finding the right serological centrifuge

Serological Centrifuges Finding the right fit It’s hard to overstate the importance of serology in today’s healthcare environment. Serological testing involves a variety of laboratory techniques, but all of them focus on the detection and identification of antibodies in a patient’s blood. This has many important applications. Blood Typing and read more...

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Hettich ROTO SILENTA 630 RS Floor Centrifuge | Video Summary

Hettich ROTO SILENTA 630 RS Floor Centrifuge | Video Summary Engineered for whole-blood processing and large sample volumes, the ROTO SILENTA is the uncomplicated choice in 12 L centrifugation. The ROTO SILENTA combines a powerful motor with a wide range of accessories and a secure, hygienic environment to enable a read more...

Hettich MIKRO 185 Microcentrifuge | Video Summary

Hettich MIKRO 185 Microcentrifuge | Video Summary The Hettich MIKRO, 185 microliter centrifuge, offers high performance, advanced safety, and versatility in a compact footprint. Supports all standard microliter and pediatric tubes with 12-place, 18-place, and 24-place rotors. For those performing protein purification, the MIKRO 185 also supports a new rotor read more...

Hettich Haematokrit 200 Small Centrifuge | Video Summary

Hettich HAEMATOKRIT 200 Small Centrifuge | Video Summary Introducing the Hettich HAEMATOKRIT 200 tabletop centrifuge for hematology. Achieve hematocrit results in only seven minutes. Each capillary is protected in its own chamber. Rotor lid doubles as an evaluation disc for quick and easy analysis. Learn more about the Hettich HAEMATOKRIT read more...

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