Unmatched precision and temperature control

Vacuum Ovens

Rapid and gentle vacuum drying with big energy savings

Paraffin Ovens

Precise temperature control without any loss in quality

Pass-through Ovens

Fast recovery times and homogeneous temperature distribution

Heating-Up the Competition

Hettich offers various ovens/sterilizers, vacuum, paraffin, and pass-through ovens that lead the competition in precision, safety, and reliability.

A Match Made in Germany

We have partnered with Memmert to deliver a complete range of equipment for the controlled environment. Both Hettich and Memmert are committed to providing quality equipment and industry-leading support that laboratories can depend on for worry-free operation. Read more about the Hettich and Memmert partnership.


Universal ovens and sterilizers are reliable, precise, and user-friendly. Available in various sizes, models offer all-around heating for temperature homogeneity with natural or forced convection.

Standard Incubators

Vacuum Ovens

Digital pressure control ensures rapid and gentle vacuum drying. In addition, its speed-controlled vacuum pump saves around 70% energy.

Vacuum Ovens

Paraffin Ovens

Reliable sample preparation with high-precision temperature control for the even warming of the embedding medium without any loss in quality.

Paraffin Ovens

Pass-through Ovens

This oven is the perfect material lock between the grey room and the cleanroom, with an easy-to-clean interior, fast open-door recovery times, and homogeneous temperature distribution.

Pass-Through Ovens

Full-Surface Heating System

Memmert ovens achieve optimum temperature distribution and uniformity due to their unique full-surface heating system. Heat conduction through the material, thermal radiation from its surfaces, and natural convection or forced air circulation contribute to the full-surface heating system’s optimal function.

Best in Safety

Memmert ovens comply with strict regulatory requirements of DIN 12880:2007-05 and offer functions for best in safety operation.

Drag, Drop, & Go!

Drag, drop, and go! with Memmert’s AtmoCONTROL software: the drag and drop graphical interface for intuitive and straightforward programming of the most complex cycles.

Memmert stainless steel interior

Stainless Steel Construction

Stainless steel construction inside and out. Memmert appliances feature welded/rounded edges within the stainless steel chamber for a hygienic and easy-to-clean interior.

Oven Models

Please contact your local Hettich representative for more information and a complete list of models. Be sure to check back regularly for product updates and additions.


Below are resources to help you get familiar with our ovens/sterilizers, vacuum ovens, or pass-through ovens.

Memmert ControlCOCKPIT Video

Video demonstration of Memmert's ControlCOCKPIT control panel.

Memmert Door Opening Video

Video demo of Memmert hands-free door opening and closing. read more...

Memmert Stainless Steel Video

Video demo of Memmert stainless steel construction.

Memmert AtmoCONTROL Video

Video demonstration of Memmert's AtmoControl software.

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