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Efficient use of valuable space and more control with an intuitive touchscreen.

HettCube Incubators

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Learn why the HettCube is the new benchmark in standard and cooled incubators.

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Efficient use of valuable space

With the 43 in. touch screen, HettCube incubators and cooled incubators guarantee intuitive operation with flexible and individual setting options and many new features.

The proven combination of natural and forced convection ensures stable and homogeneous temperatures in a much larger part of the interior than conventional incubators. This offers you up to 30% more validated useful space with the same interior space. In addition, the high design of the HettCube incubators requires up to 50% less floor space with comparable capacity.

Hettich incubator demonstration of temperature distribution

Even Temperature Distribution

HettCube incubators combine the advantages of natural and forced convection. The fan is housed outside the usable space so that there is a low airflow inside the incubator. Temperature is maintained by radiated heat, preventing the formation of hot spots.

Maximum usable space in the smallest footprint

Most incubators lose up to 10% of their “useable” internal volume after validation.

Hettich incubator demonstration of usable space

30 % more validated usable space

Due to the HettCube’s gentle airflow and edge-to-edge temperature uniformity, they provide up to 30 % more validated usable space per DIN 12880:2007-05 than a traditional incubator with the same internal volume.

Hettich incubator demonstration of volume capacity

50 % smaller Footprint

The HettCube’s upright design requires up to 50 % less floor space than a traditional incubator with a similar capacity. The space-saving footprint allows you to nearly double your capacity by accommodating two HettCube incubators within the same footprint as one conventional incubator.

User Experience

HettCube design features make for an uncomplicated, trouble-free user experience.

Hettich stainless steel incubator

Easy cleaning

The internal lining, drawers, and shelves are made of stainless steel and can be readily removed for thorough cleaning and autoclaving.

Hettich incubator external connection

External connection

One bushing on the rear panel (42 mm opening) for independent measurements and external devices.

Hettich incubator

Quiet operation

Our incubators are quieter than normal conversation when running, and will not increase the noise levels within your lab. A HettCube incubator has a remarkably low noise output of ≤ 44 dB(A).

Hettich rack for petri dishes and Lowenstein shelf

Maximum use of space

Get higher loading capacities in less space by using the special inserts. Our rack for Petri dishes and the Loewenstein shelf, allows large numbers of cultures to be processed quickly and economically. They provide more space, clear order and comfortable handling.

Hettich HettCube 400 R incubator

Fast and easy access

HettCubes need only one door and do not require an inner door. This allows for actual one-hand operation. A HettCube incubator will close automatically at an opening angle below 90°. A magnetic mechanism assists this automatic closing.

Hettich incubator castors

Stay mobile

The HettCube 400 and 600 models have heavy-duty casters for moving them to the desired position. Once in place, they can be fixed with adjustable feet.

Hettich incubation up close temperature

Save space

The door does not require space at the side to open. Meaning the incubator can be positioned in a corner or close to other lab equipment. The door hinges can be easily swapped from one side of the incubator to the other.

Hettich HettCube incubator

Optimum safety

The practical door-locking mechanism locks both the door and the control panel at the same time. This prevents inadvertent changes to parameters and harmful effects on samples.

Hettich incubator rails on tray system

Unimpeded access

The stable telescopic rails of the Hettich Tray System (HTS) can be extended up to 70% horizontally. This allows you to reach the samples easily in every corner.

Heat Compensation

Temperature fluctuations are actively and immediately compensated for.

Hettich heat compensation chart

HettCube with glass door condensation diagram.

Hettich HettCube 600 condensation chart

Low environmental impact

HettCube incuabtors are safe for the ennvironment both inside and out.

spheres on palm of hand icon

Minimal operating costs

At an operating temperature of 37 °C, a HettCube incubator consumes less than 0.05 kWh.

hands around blue diamond shape

First-class isolation

With an advanced control system and water-driven foam insulation, HettCubes will maintain a constant set temperature even if there is a difference of only 1 °C from ambient temperature.

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HettCubes comply with all relevant safety and regulatory standards and come with a HettCert 9-point factory certificate.

HettCube Incubator Models

Incubators and cooled incubators with touchscreen

Hettich HettCube 200 incubator with glass door

HettCube 200 | R

Internal volume (L) : 150
Validated usable volume (L) : 82
Temp. range: incubators | cooled incubators: 1K above ambient temp. up to +65 °C | 0 °C up to +65 °C

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Hettich HettCube 400 incubator

HettCube 400 | R

Internal volume (L) : 310
Validated usable volume (L) : 199
Temp. range: incubators | cooled incubators: 1K above ambient temp. up to +65 °C | 0 °C up to +65 °C

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Hettich HettCube 600 glass door

HettCube 600 | R

Internal volume (L) : 520
Validated usable volume (L) : 351
Temp. range: incubators | cooled incubators: 1K above ambient temp. up to +65 °C | 0 °C up to +65 °C

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HettCube Resources

Below are resources to help you get familiar with the HettCube line of incubators.

Hettich HettCube incubators product sheet

HettCube Product Sheet

This product sheets provides a comprehensive overview of the unique product features specific to the model. (more…) read more...

File type: PDF
File size: 263.0 kb
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Hettich HettCube incubator

HettCube Brochure

This brochure provides a detailed overview of the product features, benefits and components. (more…) read more...

File type: PDF
File size: 1.4 mb
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Hettich HettCube operator's manual

HettCube Operator’s Manual

HettCube operator's manual for models 200 | R, 400 | R, 600 | R. When using Hettich equipment, please refer to your products operators manual for important safety and product-use instructions. read more...

File type: PDF
File size: 13.0 mb
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About Hettich HettCube Incubators | Animated Video

About Hettich HettCube Incubators | Animated Video Learn why HettCube is the new benchmark in standard and cooled incubators. HettCube incubators make efficient use of valuable space by providing up to 30% more validated useable space for cultures than incubators with similar capacity. Incubators without cooling operate at just 1°C read more...

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