Hettich CombiDancer vortex vacuum concentrator

Fast. Flexible. Efficient.

Relieve the bottleneck in your workflow and minimize your operating time while reducing your overall cost of ownership with Hettich vortex vacuum concentrators. Ideally suited for use in solid phase extraction, in analytical laboratory, in combinatorial chemistry or in the high throughput screening.

Hettich CombiDancer concentrator Chamber top

Automation friendly

The CombiDancer was designed to be robotic friendly with its RS232 connectivity, programmability and ability for robotic arms to have easy access to the sample.

Hettich CombiDancer concentrator

Non-centrifugal evaporator

Unlike centrifugal evaporators the CombiDancer moves in an orbital motion. This motion creates a vortex of the sample solution in its container, creating a larger surface area for solvent evaporation.

Hettich CombiDancer

Learn how the Hettich CombiDancer can improve your workflow.

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