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Hettich Automated Centrifuges Product Sheet

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This product sheet provides a detailed overview of the product features, benefits and models.


Controlled environment for the sample. Centrifuging blood or other temperature sensitive samples requires an accurate, controlled temperature environment, so that samples always remain at the temperature they started at before centrifugation. Hettich has temperature-controlled centrifuges to maintain a stable environment at the correct temperature.

High throughput. In a high throughput environment, sample capacity is important. The Rotanta 460 has a 460 mm diameter chamber and high capacity buckets on a 4-place rotor to maximize sample volume for each centrifugation cycle.

Sample size. From blood tubes 50ml and 15 ml and other sample tubes, to SBS format plates, 2ml microliter tubes and HPLC tubes. Hettich has a solution for integrating most centrifugation requirements on all automation platforms.

High Speeds. Performance must be able to meet the requirements of the application. Blood, HPLC, DNA extraction etc. are possible with g-forces up to 18,000 xg

Precision positioning. Samples are precisely positioned under a hatch in the lid for extraction. An optical encoder allows positioning to within 0.5 mm.

Integration. The centrifuge acts an integrated slave module to the automation system. All programming and information requests are controlled by the central controller.

Quiet and Safe. Even at high speeds, Hettich centrifuges operate quietly and safely. Designed and built to meet international safety and quality requirements, Hettich centrifuges are tested and validated to the highest standards.

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