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Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential in prolonging the life and safety of your Hettich equipment. Please refer to the unit’s operator manual and follow the instructions. These actions will not only prolong the life and security of your product; it will reduce unnecessary repair costs for long-term worry-free operation.

The following is a set of recommendations to follow. We suggest to clean and visually inspect your equipment on a weekly basis. The information presented in this article does not replace the instructions outlined in the operator manual.

Hettich Centrifuge Cleaning and Care




Step 01 Disconnect Power

Switch off the device and disconnect the centrifuge from the power supply.

Step 02 PPE

For cleaning, use appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment, e.g., rubber gloves).

Step 03 Surface Cleaning

Use a detergent with a pH value of 5-8 or a 70% alcohol solution and slightly damp paper towels. 

Please contact Hettich directly for the decontamination procedure from hazardous substances.

Weekly Cycle

Step 01 Remove Accessories

Remove the centrifuge accessories such as rotor, buckets, and inserts separately.

Step 04 Clean the Chamber

Clean the centrifuge chamber and the motor shaft thoroughly.

Step 02 Clean Accessories

Clean the accessories and pay attention to the rotor trunnions and of the buckets.

Step 05 Grease

Lubricate all contact points (using Hettich grease no. 4051) such as the motor shaft, the rotor trunnions, and buckets. Please note: Remove excess grease in the centrifuge chamber.

Step 03 Visual Inspection

Check the accessories for corrosion, cracks, or other damage.

Step 06 Test Run

Replace the accessories in reverse order and perform a test run without samples.

Hettich products help you achieve optimal results for your application and perform to the specifications outlined in the operators manual. Please refer to the product manual for specific information concerning the operation and proper maintenance of your Hettich equipment. For application-specific details and settings, see your organizations’ standard operating procedure.

As always, our Hettich representatives are here-to-help determine which Hettich products and accessories best fit your laboratory requirements.

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