HettInfo II

How to capture data using HettInfo II

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HettInfo II documents important work steps before and during centrifugation – this ensures transparency and traceable processes. The documentation system is operated via a touch display, which guides the user step by step through the centrifugation and records all significant process data.

All documented data points are temporarily stored locally and can be exported directly after the centrifugation or at a defined time as a CSV file. The data can be stored on the network or exported to a USB stick. This makes HettInfo II system independent and facilitates further processing into another software system.

The HettInfo II Process

Step 01 Switch on device

Switch on the device and adjust the cable.

Step 04 Scan blood bags

Scan all blood bags prior to loading.

Step 07 Export CSV

All data can be automatically exported as a CSV file to your server or USB stick.

Step 02 Open lid

Open the lid to access the scanner.

Step 05 Scan Program Number

Scan Program Number and End Code.

Step 03 Scan

Scan the Start Code and your Operator ID.

Step 06 Close lid

Close the lid and start the centrifugation process.

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