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Hettich Micro Centrifuges Product Sheet

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This product sheets provides a comprehensive overview of the unique product features specific to the model.


MIKRO 185 / MIKRO 200 / MIKRO 220

Micro centrifuge models offer variety and high performance in a quality compact package. Our compact micro centrifuges are available in three varieties and are coupled with multiple rotor choices to accommodate a diverse work-flow. Accessories are available for all micro tubes, spin column kits, conical tubes up to 50 ml, cryo tubes, pcr strips and all standard blood tubes. Autoclavable, phenol resistant, bio-containment lids are also available.

Speed and capacity across the entire MIKRO series. Whether you need a basic 24-place micro centrifuge (MIKRO 185) or a more advanced unit with greater capacity, rotor variety and optional refrigeration (MIKRO 200 / 220), our units are built for high-speed centrifugation for efficient and optimal performance.

Robust and steady temperature control systems in a compact footprint. Our MIKRO 200 R (-10 to +40°C) and MIKRO 220 R (-20 to +40°C) centrifuges come with a quiet and reliable refrigeration system positioned at the rear of the unit. This maintains the compact width of the centrifuge and occupies minimal bench space.

Built in Germany for lasting performance. All Hettich centrifuges are made from high quality, durable materials for a long in-field service life. Each unit is backed by a limited 5-year warranty and offer robust temperature control systems, all metal containment, maintenance free motors, metal lid locks and easy to use control panels.

Reliable, quiet and safe. You can rely on our centrifuges to deliver optimal performance day-in and day-out in a safe, distraction free environment.

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