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Hettich Plant Research Cabinet Product Sheet

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This product sheets provides a comprehensive overview of the unique product features specific to the model.


Hettich LED Plant Growth Chambers use an advanced LED lighting system to increase throughputs and decrease operations costs.

Highly efficient LED lights deliver 100% homogeneous light at just 5 cm below the bulbs with 99.9% light coverage throughout the chamber, virtually eliminating dark corners for consistent results.

LED lights also emit minimal heat, allowing for more usable space than tube-lighted plant growth chambers. The chambers are available with CO2, humidity, and temperature control.

Areas of concentration:

  • • General Plant Research
  • • Plant Pathology
  • • Arabidopsis Research
  • • Plant Tissue Culture
  • • Seed Germination
  • • Drosophila Research
  • • Entomology
  • • In Vitro Plant Growth

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