Urine Cytology

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Hettich Centrifuge Application Note

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This application note provides information on specific application methods and the use of Hettich products.


Slide preparations for urine cytology Preparation of native urine

To derive a good cytological preparation from a urine sample it is not sufficient to simply centrifuge native urine onto commercial microscope slides. Urine has a low cell concentration and those cells present adhere poorly to the slides. This would result in preparation with an insufficient cell concentration. To increase the cell concentration it is necessary to coat the slide or use a suitable fixative. Poly-L-Lysine (PLL, Sigma, Cat. No. P8920) has been found to be suitable for slide coating and Saccomano’s solution for fixing.

Hettich products are designed to help you achieve optimal results for your application and are built to perform to the specifications outlined in the operators manual. For application-specific information and settings, please refer to your organization’s standard operating procedure. As always, our Hettich representatives are here to help determine which Hettich products and/or accessories best fit your laboratory requirements.