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Hettich Centrifuge Integration

Hettich is your centrifuge integration partner

Selux Diagnostics is focused on advancing science and technology to improve treatments for infectious disease patients. To accomplish their mission of preserving the lifesaving power of antibiotics and combatting superbugs head-on, they needed a partner to work with them to fit their needs. Selux chose Hettich as their centrifuge integration partner for the Selux PBC Separator, a rapid antibiotic susceptibility test direct from positive blood cultures.

The quiet, robust, and compact Hettich MIKRO 220 Robotic Centrifuge easily fits within their PBC Separator and delivers a quality build for process repeatability and accurate sample outcomes. Hettich supports its partners throughout product development, from concept to production and post-market delivery. How can we assist you with your next automation project?


About Hettich Automation

With the introduction of the first microprocessor-controlled centrifuge, released in 1976, Hettich quickly became the leading automated centrifuge brand in life sciences. Over the years, Hettich has developed a family of automation-ready centrifuges for various applications, from those performed in drug discovery to those in diagnostics and clinical. From the ultra-compact MIKRO 220 Robotic microliter tube spinner to the benchtop ROTINA 380 Robotic, the under-counter low-profile ROTANTA 460 Robotic, and the SBS 300, a front-loading centrifuge developed and optimized for microplates in high-throughput and crowded settings. Hettich has developed custom-made adapters and buckets to handle today’s most common tubes, SBS format plates, and larger labware. Hettich’s centrifuges are designed to make the loading of the device with a robot effortless. Automation engineers can further customize the centrifuges by choosing from various options, including voltage, communication protocols, refrigeration, and the location of the access ports. These centrifuges retain the Hettich hallmark for quality, which is paramount when uninterrupted 24/7 operation is critical.


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