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This brochure provides a detailed overview of the product features, benefits and components.


A touch more control. HettCube incubators feature a 4.3 inch touchscreen providing more control and program flexibility. The easy-to-read dashboard displays the target and current temperature, the status of the device and an overview of all events and alarm messages for the past 30 days. Every irregularity caused by tolerance band violations or power failure is documented in the logbook. Set weekly program schedules as well as temperature reduction changes for days-off, nights or weekends directly on the device without the need for additional software.

Customizable settings for added security even in the event of a power failure. Various event and alarm functions are easily adjustable per unit. A lockable door and control panel cover, touchscreen with PIN protection and optional USB port key ensures sample security. Users can also define how their HettCube should respond in the event of a power failure, the HettCube can continue with its original setting or move into a safe-mode status.

Optimal conditions for your cultures. HettCube incubators combine the advantages of natural and forced convection to provide a stable and uniform environment for cultures. The fan is housed outside of the usable space, providing higher throughputs and limiting airflow inside the incubator. Temperature is primarily maintained by radiated heat to ensure even temperature distribution and to prevent hot-spots. This yields optimum growth conditions and considerably reduces the potential of samples drying out.

Extensive standard equipment and optional accessories. Contact us to learn more.

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