HettCube Benchtop Incubators

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When it comes to laboratory incubators, efficiency, control, and flexibility are critical factors in ensuring the optimal growth conditions for your samples. HettCube incubators provide a wide range of functions and capacities with operational efficiency.

HettCube incubators provide more validated usable space while occupying less floor space than competitive units with similar capacity. The HettCube Small Incubators, with their compact frame, bring this efficiency to the benchtop, delivering a wide range of functions, accuracy, and durability.

HettCube incubators feature a 4.3-inch touchscreen, offering more control and program flexibility. The easy-to-read dashboard displays the device’s status and an overview of all events and alarms. Every irregularity is documented in the logbook, ensuring precise monitoring and documentation of incubation conditions and making your research more efficient.

The HettCube 60 and HettCube 120 are available in natural or forced convection, empowering you to tailor the incubation environment to your specific needs. Natural convection provides gentle temperature control and lower energy consumption, making it ideal for samples sensitive to desiccation. On the other hand, forced convection offers faster heat generation and regeneration after door opening, ensuring optimal growth conditions for various samples. This adaptability puts you in control of your research environment.

An extensive list of standard equipment and optional accessories is available, catering to your unique requirements. Whether you need additional shelves, data recording options, or specific adapters, HettCube provides a range of accessories to enhance the functionality of your incubator. This variety of options ensures that your needs are met and you feel valued as a customer.

In conclusion, HettCube incubators, with their compact design, advanced control features, and customizable options, set a new standard for lab efficiency, control, and flexibility. To optimize your sample growth conditions, consider the HettCube advantage for your incubation needs.

HettCube Benchtop Incubators

In addition to our floor model HettCube incubators, our small benchtop units provide greater efficiency for smaller volumes.

HettCube 60 (2 cuft)

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HettCube 120 (4 cuft)

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Check out our HettCube 200, 400, and 600 heated/cooled incubators.

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