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Hettich Centrifuge and Incubator Promotions

Hettich Centrifuge and Incubator Savings

Save on Hettich centrifuges and incubators with value-added packages designed with your application in mind. Clinical and Research laboratories will benefit from unique centrifuge and incubator configurations, reduced pricing (up to 30%), and free accessories (package dependent).

Value-added centrifuge configurations are available for STAT chemistry, Serology, Molecular Diagnostics, Cytology, Lipemic samples, TB, and Cell Culture. Also, a special HettCube incubator upgrade is available. 

All Hettich centrifuges and incubators ship quickly from the USA with a 5-year warranty and free support in North America. Contact us to take advantage of these unique product offerings available for a limited time. 


Hettich Promotions

Take advantage of these limited-time offers now.


Hettich EBA 280 Small Centrifuge with 6-place swing out rotorSTAT CENTRIFUGE PROMOTION
The Hettich EBA 280 model ‘S’ is ideal for the rapid separation of your STAT chemistry, coag., and pediatric samples. The small high-speed centrifuge features a 6-place, 90° swing-out rotor for all standard blood tubes at up to 6,000 RPM. Additional rotors and accessories are available with the Hettich quick-lift rotor system, which allows for easy loading and unloading of samples, no tools required. Start Saving STAT!


Hettich EBA 280 with swing-out rotors 1146 and 1142SEROLOGICAL CENTRIFUGE PROMOTION
The extremely versatile EBA 280 is an essential centrifuge for the blood bank or transfusion laboratory. The serological centrifuge package features a 12-place rotor for standard serology tubes. Also, the kit comes with a free 6-place swing-out rotor for all standard blood tubes. Additional rotors and accessories, such as a manual decanting rotor, are available with the Hettich quick-lift rotor system. Save a bundle!


Hettich MIKRO 200 R centrifuge with 24-place and PCR strip rotorsMOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICS CENTRIFUGE PROMOTION
The MIKRO 200 R molecular diagnostic centrifuge is IVD certified and comes complete with a 24-place rotor for 1.5/2.0 mL tubes with biocontainment lid. Additionally, a 4 x 8 PCR strip rotor also ships with the package. The MIKRO 200 R cools down to +4°C in just 10 to 15 minutes using the Fast Cool function and is one of the fastest micro centrifuges in its class. Get 2x the Savings!


The ROTOFIX 32 A general-purpose centrifuge is an indispensable centrifuge for standard laboratory tasks. There is no need to purchase an expensive dedicated cytocentrifuge. The cytology package ships with the TÜV certified bio-containment cytology clip-rotor and 50 funnels. The Hettich Cyto-System accommodates the most common style of cytology accessories on the market today.  Get Savings in a Clip!


Save thousands in equipment costs, upwards of ~$15k when compared to the leading ultracentrifuge brand. The MIRKO 200 is a versatile centrifuge for multiple applications and allows you to process your lipemic samples quickly, in-house, and do away with send-outs. Clear lipemic samples in just a few easy steps with the MIKRO 200 and 24-place micro-rotor.  Get Ultra-Savings!


Hettich UNIVERSAL 320 R Benchtop Centrifuge with Conical Tube Rotor and Plate RotorCELL CULTURE CENTRIFUGE PROMOTION
The UNIVERSAL 320 R benchtop centrifuge packs a ton of variety and performance in a compact frame, the ideal choice for the busy and crowded cell culture lab. The UNIVERSAL 320 is only 15 inches wide with or without refrigeration. The package accommodates (8) 15/50 ml conical tubes as well as SBS format plates. Be Part of the Savings Culture!


Hettich HettCube 400 with Glass DoorHETTCUBE INCUBATOR PROMOTION
The HettCube is accurate to just 1°C above ambient (non-cooled), the compact & modular design allows for up to 30% more validated usable space and 50% less floor space than units with similar capacity. The straightforward touchscreen control panel provides easy access to the real-time calendar for the scheduling of temperature cycles. Efficient heating cooling requires no interior door for actual one-handed operation. Get Transparent Savings!


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