Hettich Centrifuge Components

Variety, Capacity, and Safety

Hettich Centrifuge Components

As laboratory procedures change and there is a need to do more with less, rest assured, we have the variety, capacity, and safety requirements necessary to adapt to your workflow. Whether you choose to update your current Hettich centrifuge with additional accessories or purchase a new centrifuge, we can provide a solution that will best fit your need and budget.

Our vast capability and centrifuge offering makes Hettich your one source for centrifugation products. Each centrifuge model delivers on quality, safety, and performance for many years of use with minimal maintenance. The majority of Hettich centrifuges accommodate multiple rotors and accessories for a wide variety of configurations.

Our equipment serves many markets such as Clinical, Research, Education, Food and Bev, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Environmental, and many more. Our centrifuge portfolio extends beyond the standard catalog to include many specialty solutions due to our vast knowledge and history.

We offer micro, small, mid-large capacity benchtop and floor-standing centrifuges available with or without refrigeration. We carry multiple rotors, buckets, and adapters for various container types with swing-out and fixed-angle capability. For the health and safety of laboratory personnel, Hettich manufactures a variety of certified biocontainment accessories. Nitrogen-purge connections or external heating/cooling connections for cleanroom environments are also available.

Hettich Accessory CYTOLOGY 1515-AOur cytology centrifuge solution offers greater flexibility and cost savings, accommodating general-purpose capability eliminating the need to purchase an expensive dedicated cytocentrifuge. Users can spin all standard tubes, micro-plates, and cytology clips in the same high-performance centrifuge. This flexibility saves room on the bench and offers backup performance should another centrifuge be needed for increased throughput.

Hettich Rolling Cabinet with 2 drawers for benchtop centrifugesEnhance your workflow with rolling cabinets that allow you to extend your work surface by moving the centrifuge off the bench. Rolling casters provide mobility to relocate your centrifuge when not in use or share with other laboratory technicians. The rolling carts lower large benchtop centrifuges to a more comfortable loading height and provide storage for additional rotors, accessories, and manuals.

Hettich HettInfo touchscreen panelComplimenting our floor model centrifuges are thoughtful loading and balancing accessories for blood bag centrifugation. Our HettInfo data-logging system for workflow traceability in the blood bank is also available.

A variety of preconfigured centrifuge packages and an extensive range of accessories and components are currently available for order. Your local Hettich representative is available to discuss options and accessories specific to your application. All Hettich centrifuges are made in Germany, ship quickly from the USA with a 5-year warranty, and come with free support in North America.

Hettich supports the ever-changing lab with a complete range of centrifuges and accessories for nearly all standard laboratory applications. Visit our website for the latest information, equipment packages, resources, and documentation.


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