Improved User Experience

Hettich North America Launches Improved Website

March 22, 2019 – Beverly, MA – Hettich Instruments, the U.S. subsidiary of Andreas GmbH & Co.KG an industry leading laboratory equipment manufacturer based in Germany, announces the launch of its improved website, The new site emphasizes Hettich’s commitment to provide industry leading product support and to deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations.

The enriched user experience consists of an improved navigation structure, content filters, new product guides, robust resource library, helpful comparison tool and more.

The improved navigation structure gives instant and direct access to the product or service of interest. Each product category and model can be easily viewed and referenced.

Product pages provide the user with a central content area for the models features, specifications and supporting resources. A product summary is displayed at the top of the page to help the user make a quick assumption about the model’s relevance for their specific application. The secondary navigation allows the user to see “at a glance” the page content areas. When selecting a topic, the user moves quickly up or down the page to view the content of choice. Model/package filters help users sort specific product details, based on their area of interest, quickly and easily.

New product guides help users narrow their choice with integrated filters for the most popular categories. Each guide consists of a product image, description and specification summary. Directly from the guide, users can enter the comparison tool and choose 2 models to compare side by side in greater detail. The detailed comparison can then be downloaded as a PDF to be shared with a colleague or saved for offline viewing.

Supporting documentation, videos and brochures can be easily found via the robust Resource Library. Filters help target the resource of choice while a convenient search bar is easily accessible at the top of the page.

For convenience, request information forms are accessible on every product page. In addition, you can contact your local Hettich representative by navigating to the “find your local rep” section found on the contact us page.

We aim to exceed customer expectations and to deliver content that is informative, educational and relevant to the markets we serve. Continuous improvements will be made, check back regularly and subscribe to receive the latest news on our products and services.


Established in 2003, Hettich North America reflects our worldwide commitment to provide industry leading customer service and product support. We provide localized and regional sales/customer support through our own team of professionals and through our distribution network across the U.S. and Canada. We are located just 25 miles north of Boston, in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Hettich is an industry-leading, laboratory equipment manufacturer. We design, engineer and manufacture precision equipment for the modern-day laboratory. Known for our vast array of centrifugation products and laboratory incubators, Hettich delivers on quality, safety and reliability. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities are showcased in both our standard and customized product solutions. We focus on our customers, their requirements and environmental responsibility. Hettich, proven for more than 115 years.


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