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The Hettich CombiDancer – Vortex Vacuum Concentrator is designed to remove solvents from samples while under vacuum. Unlike traditional centrifugal evaporation methods, the CombiDancer uses a vortex motion with infrared heating and an intelligent vacuum pump to remove solvent from samples.

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Hattich CombiDancer baseplate insert

The Setup

The Hettich CombiDancer concentrator offers easy and efficient loading and unloading with its robot-friendly sliding lid. The heated base plate attaches to the universal rack and sits in the 316 stainless steel chamber attached via its magnetically coupled feet.

Hettich CombiDancer chamber baseplate

How it Works

The heating is activated by a temperature probe inside the evaporation chamber that is set by the user to the desired sample temperature. As evaporation occurs and the sample cools, the heating is activated to maintain the sample set temperature.

Hettich CombiDnacer Vortex sample surface area


The vortex motion creates a larger surface area for solvent evaporation. By controlling the vortex, heating and vacuum; complex solvent mixtures can easily be concentrated to dryness.


The CombiDancer offers a variety of heating and cooling options and a variety of rack configurations for mixed volume concentrating.

Hettich CombiDancer concentrator heating types

Three (3) types of heating

Hettich CombiDancer sample racks

Sample racks

Hettich CombiDancer chamber top

Automation friendly

CombiDancer Features

The CombiDancers vortex operation and smart design provides many benefits as compared to traditional centrifugal evaporation.

Sample window with internal lighting

View the progress of solvent evaporation, ability to pause process at anytime.

Sample vortexing

Faster evaporation. Creates larger surface area for solvent removal. No compression of solvent gases.

Magnetically coupled sample plate

No mechanical coupling, easy to remove. Isolates drive mechanism from solvent vapors.

Linking of programs

Removal of complex solvent mixtures such as Azeotropes.

Purging with inert gas

For use with explosive gas mixtures or delicate samples

Access Key Quality assurance.

Prevents users from changing programs.

Infrared heating

Replaces heat loss of a sample while under vacuum.

Variable vacuum pump

Stops bumping by controlling evaporation process. Reduces sample concentration time.

No moving parts

Low cost of ownership, longer life.

Measurement of sample temperature

Used to regulate the infrared heating lamps and not overheat samples.

Automation Robot friendly

Lid slides sideways for easy access by robots. Software controlled via RS232 port with ports for Vacuum pump, PoleStar and Alarms.

Sample chamber with internal heating

Prevents condensation on chamber walls.

Variety of sample racks

Easy to change or mix various container sizes in the same run. No imbalance issues.


Up to 99 user-defined programs.

Highly polished 316 (V4A) stainless steel

High chemical resistance, easy cleaning, longer life

PoleStar viewing window

Monitor cooling coil to view ice build up.


Hettich CombiDancer Infra-Red Vorex Evaporator concentrator
Dims. (HxWxD) mm
470 x 695 x 765
Dims. (HxWxD) in
18.5 x 27.25 x 30
Weight (kg)
Weight (lbs.)
Power supply
120 V
3 x RS232 (VP, CT, PC)
Chamber: Material
316 Stainless Steel (V4A)
Chamber: Diameter | Height
360 mm | 180 mm
Connector: Vacuum pump
Connector: Release/ inert gas inlet
6 mm Stainless steel Swagelok fitting
Vortex Speed
200 - 1200 rpm
Temp. Control Range
20 to 80 °C
Cover Material
V0 plastic UL-listed
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Hettich CombiDancer Vortex Vacuum Concentrator

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Posted Feb 11
Hettich CombiDancer Infra-Red Vorex Evaporator concentrator