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This product sheets provides a comprehensive overview of the unique product features specific to the model.



Long-term solutions for your evolving laboratory. Hettich manufactures an extensive range of general-purpose benchtop centrifuges for nearly any standard laboratory application.

Diverse range of rotors and accessories for multiple applications. Our benchtop centrifuges offer general purpose capability for medium to highthroughput centrifugation. These units provide all-inone capability with specialty accessories to service labs in Clinical, Research, Agriculture, Food and Beverage, Petrochemical and more. Rotors and buckets support medium to high capacity work-flows with optional bio-containment and phenol-resistant lids for safe centrifugation of hazardous samples. Movable base cabinets extend your bench space to provide extra storage and centrifuge portability.

Built in Germany for lasting performance. All Hettich centrifuges are made from high quality, durable materials for a long in-field service life. Each unit is backed by a limited 5-year warranty and offer all metal containment, maintenance free motors, metal lid locks and easy to use control panels.

Reliable, quiet and safe. You can rely on our centrifuges to deliver optimal performance day-in and day-out in a safe, distraction free environment.

Pre and post sales support for the life of your product. Not only are Hettich products built for the long-term, our dedicated support team is with you as well. We are here to keep you up and running from the centrifuges first day on the bench throughout its long life span. We even maintain parts for our centrifuges for up to 10-years after product obsolescence.

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