Hettich EBA Model S

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Hettich EBA Model S Product Sheet

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This product sheets provides a comprehensive overview of the unique product features specific to the model.


Introducing Hettich EBA 200 S and EBA 280 S small centrifuges

Rapid separation for a quick turnaround

These small, high-performance, centrifuges provide rapid separation for a quick turnaround of your STAT chemistry, coag. and pediatric samples. Models are compact and achieve consistent platelet counts in just minutes. Max. speeds of 6,000 RPM in a swing-out rotor and 8,000 RPM in fixed-angle rotor.

Made in Germany for lasting performance

Each model is made in Germany to provide years of quiet, safe and worry-free operation. Products are manufactured under strict quality assurance guidelines and are certified by all major regulatory agencies. In addition, Hettich centrifuges are backed by a limited five year warranty.

Support for the life of your product

Hettich provides free product and application support for the life of your product and maintains service parts for up to ten years after product obsolescence. We have manufactured lab equipment for more than a century and plan to continue for a century more.

End-of-cycle notification for an efficient workflow

The Hettich EBA 200 S and EBA 280 S come standard with both visual and acoustical end-of-cycle notifications for an efficient workflow. Choose from an acoustical signal that will sound in 30-sec. intervals, a visual signal via a blinking control panel or the auto-opening of the centrifuge lid.

Maintain quality control and reduce user error

User-defined programs to optimize turnaround time.

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