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Hettich HettCube Product Sheet

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This product sheet provides a comprehensive overview of the unique product features specific to the model.


Small body big heart. HettCube incubators provide more validated usable space and occupy less floor space than competitive units with similar capacity. HettCube Small Incubators bring this same efficiency to the benchtop. Our small HettCubes deliver a wide range of functions, accuracy, and durability in a compact frame.

A touch more control. HettCube incubators feature a 4.3-inch touchscreen, providing more control and program flexibility. The easy-to-read dashboard displays the status of the device and an overview of all events and alarms. Every irregularity caused by tolerance band violations or door opening is documented in the logbook. Tolerance band limits can be fixed via the Class 2.0 and 3.1 temperature selector monitor and saved as a program with up to 6 segments with different time-temperature profiles.

Choose your ideal environment. The HettCube 60 and HettCube 120 are available in natural or forced convection versions. Natural convection provides gentle temperature control and lower energy consumption. It is particularly suited for samples sensitive to desiccation. Forced convection offers significantly faster heat generation and regeneration after door opening. Both systems combine sophisticated technology for airflow management and guarantee the best reproducible growth conditions for your samples.

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