Hettich MIKRO 185

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Hettich MIKRO 185 Product Sheet

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Hettich MIKRO 185 microliter, spin columns, pediatric micro centrifuge sell sheetThis product sheet provides a comprehensive overview of the unique product features specific to the model.


Basic and economical microcentrifuge for your demanding requirements. The MIKRO 185 delivers a variety of rotor options with or without bio-containment and is backed by a 5-year warranty. Users can choose 12-place, 18-place, and 24-place angle rotors that fit both pediatric and standard microliter tubes. An 18-place rotor for spin column kits is designed to protect the tube cap from breaking during centrifugation.

Higher RCF values save you time. With its 24-place rotor, the MIKRO 185 can reach an RCF of 17,008 x g, reducing spin time without compromising sample quality.

Flexible control panel allowing you to adjust your application parameters. Adjust the time, speed (RPM), RCF, and braking with the easy-to-use LCD display. Pulse key available, allowing you to hold and press the start key for short centrifugation runs.

Visual and audible end-of-cycle notification for a productive workflow. Customizable and independent control of visual and/or audio alarms can be set for end-of-cycle notification. This provides an across-the-room indication that your unit is ready for the next operation.

Packages for easy ordering. Get everything you need to perform your application with our convenient centrifuge packages.

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