Honey Sample Preparation

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Hettich Centrifuge Application Note

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This application note provides information on specific application methods and the use of Hettich products.


Preparation of honey samples for analysis.

Honey, as a natural product, is a pure food source that is good for our health. However, the widespread use of crop protection agents, antibiotics and other such products mean that honey may contain substances that have an adverse impact on its quality or which can even be a potential health risk for humans. Honey is therefore subject to a wide range of analyses for quality assurance purposes and to protect consumers. Despite a large number of parameters that are included in the analyses, the initial treatment of the honey is generally the same: The honey samples are taken from their containers and divided into aliquots. Extraction is then carried out and the extracts sent for analysis. Laboratory centrifuges are used during the extraction procedure. A solvent is added to the sample and the substance to be detected enters the solvent and is separated from the other constituents of the sample through the centrifugation procedure. The supernatant is removed by pipette and analyzed.

Hettich products are designed to help you achieve optimal results for your application and are built to perform to the specifications outlined in the operators manual. For application-specific information and settings, please refer to your organization’s standard operating procedure. As always, our Hettich representatives are here to help determine which Hettich products and/or accessories best fit your laboratory requirements.