Hettich ROTIXA 500 RS

Product Sheet

Hettich ROTIXA 500 RS Product Sheet

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This product sheets provides a comprehensive overview of the unique product features specific to the model.


High-throughput, robust temperature control and small footprint for uncomplicated high-volume processing. The ROTIXA 500 RS offers the capacity to spin up to (4) 1L blood bags or 200 blood tubes and sits at only 650 mm (25.6 inches) wide. The robust and steady temperature control system of the ROTIXA 500 RS protects your sample integrity by maintaining a consistent temperature throughout centrifugation.

Front facing control panel with lockable interface. The front-facing control panel enables users to easily store and recall application parameters without having to lean over the instrument. The control panel is lockable and programmable ensuring repeatability and limiting programming errors.

Accessories for a streamlined workflow. From tubes to bags, to plates, bottles and racks, the ROTIXA 500 RS offers several comprehensive accessories to ensure your laboratory consistently delivers the highest product quality. HettLiner blood bag inserts support the sample during centrifugation to maintain its intended shape and facilitate ideal separation. Our Balancing Weights enable users to precisely balance the rotor for smooth rotations and best results.

Interested in the ROTIXA 500 RS floor-standing centrifuge?