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Selux Diagnostics Video Testimonial

Hettich MIKRO 220 Robotic Centrifuge

Selux Diagnostics is focused on advancing science and technology to improve treatments for infectious disease patients. To accomplish their mission of preserving the lifesaving power of antibiotics and combatting superbugs head-on, they needed a partner who would work with them to fit their needs. Selux chose Hettich as their centrifuge integration partner for the Selux PBC Separator, a rapid antibiotic susceptibility test direct from positive blood cultures.

The quiet, robust, and compact Hettich MIKRO 220 Robotic Centrifuge easily fits within their PBC Separator and delivers a quality build for process repeatability and accurate sample outcomes. Hettich supports its partners throughout product development, from concept to production and post-market delivery. Let us know how we can assist you with centrifuge integration in your next automation project.


Hettich MIKRO 220 Robotic automation centrifuge

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