Water Retention Value in Pulp and Paper

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Hettich Centrifuge Application Note

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This application note provides information on specific application methods and the use of Hettich products.


Centrifuge adapter and sample holder for the determination of the water retention value (WRV) according to ISO 23714:2007 in the manufacture of pulp and paper

The water retention value (WRV) is an important parameter in the manufacture of pulp and paper. It is an indication of the ability of a sample of wood fiber or pulp mass to retain water. The WRV changes in the course of the manufacturing process – for instance, it rises continuously during the grinding process as a result of the increasing separation into fibers. The WRV consequently provides valuable information on the impact of the individual steps in the digestion process on the fibers produced and to what degree the pulp mass is suitable for paper manufacture. The method used to determine the WRV has been standardized and is described in the international standard ISO 23714:2007. Whereas in the past the sample holders were specially manufactured and therefore expensive, or had to be fabricated for their intended use, Hettich now offers a centrifuge adapter with sample holder type A.1 as given in ISO 23714:2007 as standard centrifuge accessories.

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