Hettich ZentriMix 380 R


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This brochure provides a detailed overview of the product features, benefits, and components.


AWARD-WINNING INNOVATION For the development of the highly versatile dual centrifuge ZentriMix 380 R and new applications in pharmaceutical development, food control, and biomedical research, Hettich was awarded as one of the most innovative companies in Germany in 2018.

The dual centrifuge ZentriMix 380 R efficiently performs many challenging laboratory tasks in research, development, and analytics or makes them possible for the first time. Examples are the rapid mixing of viscous materials, the production of nanoparticles in closed (sterile) vessels, and tissue disruption. A particular advantage is the powerful cooling system for temperature-sensitive samples.

The ZentriMix 380 R was developed on the basis of proven Hettich centrifuge technology. This makes the device safe, reliable, and durable. In addition, the compact design and the low noise level ensure a comfortable working environment in the laboratory.

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