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Hettich Product Overview

Hettich has developed the first dual-axis centrifuge to address key challenges in pharmaceutical formulation, drug delivery, and pre-analytical sample preparation. Because of its design, the Hettich ZentriMix 380 R is able to homogenize difficult to mix components, eliminating manual wash steps in otherwise heterogeneous assays such as the QuEChERS.

The mixing efficiency of the Hettich ZentriMix 380 R also makes it ideal for the production of sterile liposomes and nanoparticles. As a milling solution, the Hettich ZentriMix 380 R is capable of fast tissue-disruption without the heat build-up and without the typical noise associated with these processes.

Hettich products help you achieve optimal results for your application and perform to the specifications outlined in the operators manual. Please refer to the product manual for specific information concerning the operation and proper maintenance of your Hettich equipment. For application-specific details and settings, see your organizations’ standard operating procedure.

As always, our Hettich representatives are here-to-help determine which Hettich products and accessories best fit your laboratory requirements.

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